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Francois Grieu

Francois Grieu

Paris - France

tel: +33 1 40 46 36 22
fax: +33 1 40 46 36 29

Francois Grieu

Technical Manager.
Smartcard and Security Expert.


Electrotechnical Engineer (Ecole Centrale Lille, 1984).

Work Experience

From Aug 2000: Technical Manager of SPIRTECH
(Independant subcontractor in the smartcard and teleticketing fields)

Supervision of the company projects. Control of the projects security. Technology watch.
Cryptographic systems analysis. Requirements design. Software project development.
Smartcard and microcontroller libraries (cryptography, RSA, PKI, DES, communication).

1991-2000: Directeur Technique de RMT
(R&D center of the INNOVATRON group, 20 engineers, $2.5M of revenues in 1998)

Active in many fields, including: contactless smartcards, payment terminals, smartcard systems, banking systems for eastern countries...
First microprocessor card working in contactless mode (licence sold to STMicroelectronics).
Operating System design for smartcards and security modules.
Design of the new teleticketing I-Care system used in Europe (RATP, SNCF...)
Cryptography expert actions for many companies, including the Ingenico Group.
Inventor in many patents applications related to the smartcard.

1991-2000: Scientific Director of the Innovatron Group
(directly attached to Roland Moreno, smartcard inventor)

Actions in the Innovatron Group companies.
Theorical work on computer security, including : Eurocrypt 2000, academic publication (A Chosen Messages Attack on the ISO/IEC 9796-1 Signature Scheme, following by the norm removal).

1984-1991: Engineer. Project Manager at Hello S.A.
Company designing and marketing communication software and hardware.

Design of many equipment, including: the first Minitel emulation for a PC, OEM modems for Apple Computer France, first modem with smartcard, first parking meter with smartcard.


French native speaker. English read and spoken fluently.
Smartcard expert, particularly concerning contactless smartacrds.
Applied cryptography expert.
Expert in microprocessor based systems (6502 68HC05 68HC11 68000-68040 8051 ST16 ST19...), real time systems and their security.
Mastering of C, C++, assembly language.
Mastering of digital and analog electronics.
Mastering of desktop tools (Excel, Word, PAO, Internet, etc.).


Game of Go, and Computer Go.
Enjoys skiing, windsurfing and swimming.