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Frederic Levy

Frederic Levy-Letellier

Paris - France

tel: +33 1 40 46 36 21
fax: +33 1 40 46 36 29

Frederic Levy

Software Project Manager.
Smartcard expert.


Understand my partners and help them to fulfill their needs.


System Engineer (Ecole Centrale Lille, 1984).

Work Experience

From Aug 2000: Managing Director of SPIRTECH
(Independent subcontractor in the smartcard and teleticketing fields)

Management of the startup company.
Management of developments (hardware, software) and of customers relationships.
Security analysis studies. Development of software projects.
Design and enforcement of a quality assurance system.

1991-2000: Associate Manager at RMT
(R&D center of the INNOVATRON group, 20 engineers, $2.5M of revenues in 1998)

Management of developments (hardware, software) and of customers relationships.Design of requirements specifications. Development of software projects.
Design and enforcement of a quality assurance system. Design and implementation of an internal administrative and financial tracking organization.
Active participation to the R&D center management.
Complete design and coding of a smartcard software for the low-cost ST16R820 chip, offering contact and contactless interface, dedicated to the public transportation applications (1999).
Complete design and coding of a smartcard software compatible with the Italian electronic purse (Minipay), adding contactless functions for use in the public transportation networks (1998).

1988-1997: Business Development at Innovatron Industries
Innovatron group industrial holding.

Sales engineering work in hi-tech projects (cryptography, hyperfrequency, teleticketing, telecomputing).
Management of international tender proposals.
Research on new range of products.

1994: Associate Manager at Innovatron Systemes Urbains
Company marketing urban pedestrian zones and parking equipment (15 employees, $3M of revenues)

Mission to reorganize the company administrative and technical work (accounting, commercial, technical divisions).
Design and implementation of internal work guidelines.

1984-1991: Project Manager at HELLO SA
Company designing and marketing communication software and hardware.

Design and development of telecommunication software, including the MacTell software, France leading product in its category from 1984 to 1994.
Design and development of modem firmware. The modems were leaders in France from 1983 to 1990.

1979-1982: Author of french computer books (editions du PSI)


French native speaker. English read and spoken fluently.
Mastering of software project development (from the requirement specifications and risks assessment to the coding and testing.)
Mastering of smartcard related issues (security, cryptography, Electronic Purse, EMV, Common Criteria, contactless...).
Mastering of C, C++, Pascal, assembly language (8031,6502…), MacOS
Mastering of desktop tools (Excel, Word, PAO, Internet, etc.).
Knowledge of digital electronics.


“System” management of projects.
Attentive to quality issues, and to the end-user needs.
Tactful and diplomat.


Member of the European Interdisciplinary Science Academy (AEIS).
Member of the Foresight Institute.
Interested in the evolving Nanotechnology field (author of a presentation in French).