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Data Analysis

Overall Presentation

1. Why?

ps_dataanalysis_besoinsMastering the information and the data written in the contactless portable objects (smartcards, NFC phones, USB memories, etc.) is a priority, especially as their uses and their internal memory increase. Transport operators, authorities as well as industrialists should own the tools required to read and analyze the contents of these various objects.

Decoding the data stored in portable objects is interesting in several cases. Before their deployment, it allows advance testing of the validation and sale equipments, as well as new portable objects supplied by manufacturers.  After deployment, decoding the data may be useful for after sales services.

2. Solutions

Data Analysis decodes the teleticketing media
Data Analysis


Spirtech designed and markets Data Analysis and related web services. This range of services accessible from Internet helps its users to analyse the data of their Calypso portable objects. Data Analysis decodes the complete contents of the portable objects. It allows visualizing the data structures and makes the data understandable. Data Analysis is used for after sales services and for detailed analysis of problems occurring during tests.


Three versions, three levels of analysis

Data Analysis may be used with Calypso cards, contactless tickets and SAM. It is available in the following versions :

  • Raw : display of the contents as raw data (hexadecimal values).
  • Simple: reading and analysis of the contents. It allows for example to control the end of validity of a card.
  • Complete : reading and analysis of the whole portable object contents.


These solutions are currently used by transit networks users of the Calypso standard, by industrialists and by our own engineers when testing Calypso compliant products and solutions. 

3. Advantages

SAMAnalysis and decoding of the portable objects data model.


SAMManagement of all card types, after integration of the corresponding data model. 


SAMAccount management.


SAMData decoding down to the bit level.

Technical Specifications

Physical Characteristics
Additional Features
  • Version with installer
  • Web platform
  • Authentication required before connection
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or above
  • PCSC ISO14443 reader
  • Spirtech PCSC module


  • Data model integration

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