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Spirtech originated many innovations in the teleticketing industry. Its range of products and solutions ensures a high level of performance and security for teleticketing systems implementing them. 


From users terminals (sales, validation, etc.) up to the central system, the secure modules, SAM and HSM, implement the most advanced Calypso specifications and are optimized for teleticketing environments (notably the transaction speed).  The SAM Supervisor and Fraud Detector allow to reinforce the overall security of the system in case of stolen ticketing equipments. 

… based on open and interoperable solutions…

Spirtech chose to optimize its developments and products for Calypso, the international teleticketing standard designed by transit authorities and operators and promoted by industrialists. Calypso is an open, interoperable and flexible standard offering a very high level of security. As a nonproprietary standard, Calypso provides its users with flexibility of implementation and improves the system performance for its users.  


The development of the Spirtech Calypso Applet provides your multi-applicative portable objects with the security of Calypso transactions. This applet also secures additional applications such as tourism, loyalty programs, university applications, etc.

… offering high performance services.


Spirtech helps transit authorities, networks and industrialists in the design and implementation of their teleticketing systems and its evolution. Spirtech Consulting asupports public authorities and system integrators in mastering their projects. Spirtech may for example, design system security architectures (keys and SAM) or organize key creation ceremonies.


During the design phase of a new ticketing system, Spirtech may also adapt its products to your requirements. They can, for example, adapt the Calypso HSM to fit new implementation environments.


During the implementation phase, Spirtech engineers and consultants provide recommendations as well as the tests required for an optimal operation of the system.


Lastly, Spirtech builds an enduring relationship with its customers to improve with them the performance and the security of their teleticketing system, as well as their users experience. Spirtech also helps the users of its products and solutions to implement the main teleticketing innovations. 


Spirtech commitment to increase its customers independence is for example shown by the supply of the SAM-SP (master SAM) at the end of the key creation ceremony, as well as all related specification, allowing its customer a complete independence if so wished.




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