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SAM Supervisor

Overall Presentation

1. Why?
ps_samsupervisor_besoins-EN Contactless ticketing systems allow the owner of a contactless smart object containing the proper rights (transport contracts) to enter and travel in the transit networks. These contracts have  been previously acquired. Their loading into the portable objects is secured with a security module, SAM-S1, for vending operations (SAM-CL) present in each terminal issuing transport contracts (booth, automatic vending machines, etc.)..


These SAM contain the cryptographic keys necessary for vending operations. If such a SAM were stolen, the production of fraudulent contracts would be a possibility. Preventing fraud operations and preserving the system integrity suppose to limit the number of possible transactions done by a SAM.

2. Solutions
The SAM Superviseur reloads the vending SAM

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Spirtech has designed and markets the SAM Supervisor. The secure modules contain event counters with a maximum value authorized (the "ceiling"). Every time a key is used, its counter is increased by one. Once the counter has reached its ceiling value, the SAM rejects the usage of the key. The vending machines therefore need to be regularly reloaded (increasing of the ceiling value) to ensure the continuity of service.


It improves the security of your teleticketing systems

Installed in the central system, the SAM Supervisor is the central equipment which updates the ceilings of the SAM. Thanks to this system, a stolen SAM will not be able to load more contracts than authorized by its ceilings.

The operations of the SAM Supervisor are secured by a higher level SAM, the SAM-SL, that prevents any fraudulent SAM reloading.


It manages customizable black lists

The SAM Supervisor authenticates the SAM when they connect for reloading (a blacklisted SAM will not be able to issue new contracts, and then realize the reloading operation itself.). It also offers customizable administrative functions (defining the ceilings, activation of a SAM, blacklisting, report generation, etc.).

3. Advantages

SAMManagement of a database of all SAM


SAMUpdate of the ceilings of the vending SAM (SAM–CL)

SAMSecuring all operations with a central system SAM (SAM-SL)


SAMRemote loading of new keys and parameters in the validation and vending SAM (option)


SAMRecording of all operations done


SAMRemote secure administration with a web navigator



Customisable alerts (email, RSS, SMS)


Technical Specifications

Software Module
  • Windows application
  • Database included
  • Software tools
  • USB: PCSC Readers
  • TCP/IP, HTTPS, XML or native
  • 100 000 SAM
  • 400 000 transactions

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