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1. Why?
s_pres_banqueIn a very competitive environment, innovation is absolutely necessary. Enhancing its range of products by offering new types of cards and smart objects may create real competitive advantages. Indeed, consumers value the attractiveness of contactless smartcards and other smart objects.

Asian and American examples illustrate this trend proving the actual attractiveness of customers for these new payment technologies.
2. Solutions
s_banque_solutionsMajor financial institutions have already launched field tests using contactless payment which have shown the multiple benefits of these technologies for retail payment: transactions are faster and easier. This may be particularly interesting for retail segments where speed and convenience are critical to acceptance, such as multi-lane retail, gas stations and quick service restaurants. Spirtech helps you to manage the issues of contactless smartcards and notably the ISO/IEC 14443 technology.

Spirtech has designed the specification of the contactless smartcard combining the French electronic purse Moneo with the international Calypso ticketing standard. Several card issuers, municipalities, companies and universities have already selected the ISO 14443 contactless technology.


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