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1. Why?

s_pres_transportTransit operators and authorities need high-performance teleticketing systems, able to process an increasing volume of transactions in order to improve the management of mass transit passengers.

Contactless portable objects allow speeding up entrance in the network and reducing the maintenance costs.  Their implementation demands to understand their specificities in order to ensure the service continuity of the teleticketing system.

Thus, the system resilience and security are critical.

2. Solutions
Transit Operators
 System Suppliers

ps_hsm_besoinsYou are planning the implementation of a new contactless ticketing system processing smartcards, contactless tickets, USB keys or NFC handsets, or you wish to test your teleticketing system. 


Spirtech offers independent consulting and assistance services for these projects. Our missions may include the data models for your portable objects (definition of the fare data), the security architecture (definition of the security components: secret keys, secure modules, etc.) the test plans and reports.

We can offer consulting assistance to transit authorities and operators when they implement ticketing systems using the Calypso standard. Interoperable and multi-operators, these projects require an organizational and technical assistance, that Spirtech can offer.   


We also design technical specifications to implement new technologies into teleticketing systems, such as electronic purse, NFC phones or remote selling systems.  Spirtech provides expertise to manage the implementation of the functional requirements into technical specifications.


Spirtech also offers training sessions on Calypso and on contactless technologies adapted to the specific needs of ticketing project managers.


Spirtech markets the secure application modules for Calypso applications: the SAM-S1, as well as a range of products and solutions to secure your ticketing transactions and simplify their management.

s_transport_integrateur_solutionsWhen using contactless technology, new security attacks and ergonomic issues may arise. Various threats specific to the contactless technology have been identified and analyzed in the documents published by the SINCE project:

  • Eavesdropping on the card-reader communication.
  • Spurious interruption (the card leaves the RF field of the reader).
  • Surreptitious card operation without the cardholder knowledge.


We have worked on these topics for more than 20 years, and we can supply you with the technical expertise necessary for a global approach on the security constraints of the electronic transaction systems that you will integrate.


If you wish to set up a ticketing system using Calypso portable objects, we can offer the following services:



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