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Thumbnail imageThe smartcard market is known to be one of the most dynamic; innovations appear regularly as application fields are spreading. This continuous growth generates complex security and performance challenges.

Smartcard technologies are implemented within  administrative, teleticketing, payment or healthcare systems in order to offer new services to their users and secure their transactions, ensuring their resilience turns out to be the main priority.


... require the best expertise !

The success of such projects depend upon mastering the value chain as a whole, from the definition of the requirements to the implementation of the project. A proven expertise in smartcards and derived technologies such as USB memories, remote transactions or NFC phones, as well as an in-depth understanding of the related system architectures, is required to ensure both security and performance.


Whether looking for a specific expertise to develop a smartcard based product, considering an enhancement of your product range with contactless innovations or implementing a new system integrating these technologies, Spirtech offers the skills and the experience to successfully help you throughout your projects.  Our independence from manufacturers ensures an objective analysis of your needs and a better management of your projects. We offer advanced and adaptable solutions including security and performance for the following projects:

Public Transport: requirement definition, security architecture design (SAM and cryptographic keys), consulting assistance for teleticketing projects, training sessions. We help you to overcome issues raised by contactless technology implementation.
s_pres_transport Smartcard manufacturers: cryptographic function implementation, security expertise, contactless smartcard mask design, consulting and assistance. We help you to implement contactless technologies into your products and solutions.
s_pres_transport Bank: analysis of contactless smartcard constraints and impacts over terminals and  cash dispensers, consulting and assistance. We help you to implement the contactless technology in your product offer.


Terminal manufacturers: design of contactless smartcard readers,  impact assessment of contactless implementation into your software and hardare platforms, etc. We help you to implement the contactless technologies into your vending, validation and control terminals.




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