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1. Why?
sc_conseil_expertise_besoinsThe design of a system using contactless smartcards and other contactless portable objects raises various challenges on the road to the project success. Identifying and specifying not only the functional requirements of the system, but also the security and performances expected, are the first steps of the project. 

The developement of a new microprocessor smartcard or the implementation of a new access control system using contactless smart objects require to focus on these specific issues. Writing the functional and technical specifications results from these preliminary analysis. These specifications must be precise, address all issues, and allow the development of the system in optimal conditions.

When these developments are achieved, they have to be successfully tested and go through the validation process required before being put into service. The quality of the new system and the reputation of its developers being at stake. Having these different steps carried out by an independent firm improves the reliability of the tests and the success of its implementation.
2. Solutions
Spirtech Consulting helps you in projects using the contactless technology

Spirtech Consulting offers independent consulting and expertise for systems using smartcards: embedded systems, networks, security architecture management, risk analysis. These services include training sessions, project management support, requirements and specifications design. Our consultants identify your current and future needs in terms of security, accessibility as well as optimization, and help your teams throughout their implementation.

We provide the transport authorities, the transit operators and other electronic transaction actors with our expertise in teleticketing, electronic banking and cryptography. Being involved in these technical fields for more than twenty-five years, we offer a global vision and a technical understanding of the issues faced by our customers. We help them to speed up their developments and increase the security as well as the performance of their system. Our services cover writing of system requirement or technical specifications, the technical and organizational support for industrialists when certifying their products (RCTIF, Calypso Technical Registration), and the impact assessment when implementing contactless technology in complex systems (public transport, banks, public organization, etc.).

Spirtech Consulting can also manage the overall project by defining the planning, coordinating the suppliers and ensuring the relevance of the technical decisions. Our independence guarantees the objectivity of our recommendations.
3. Experience
Spirtech Consulting assists Calypso Networks Association

logoCalypsoSpirtech Consulting helps teleticketing actors to design their new products and systems. Spirtech Consulting provides for example Calypso Networks Association with a technical assistance by designing and updating the Calypso specifications, by promoting the Calypso technology and assisting transit operators when implementing this international standard in their teleticketing systems (fare integration, data definition, security architecture, interoperability).


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