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Key ceremonies

1. Why?
sc_ceremonie_cle_besoinsThe implementation of a new interoperable teleticketing system is a complex process, with organizational, legal and technical issues. Project managers and initiators should understand the main technical aspects of their systems or at least be the full owners of the solutions adopted in order to be independent from their suppliers during the system long life. This principle applies to the security architecture and its key creation ceremony.

The security architecture defines the process for authenticating and securing Calypso portable objects (smart cards, NFC-mobile phones, etc.) and their contents. It relies upon secret keys, specific to each application or interoperable area. These keys prevent unauthorized portable objects from entering the system.

To remain secret, these keys are protected and used inside security modules (SAM) whose configuration depends on the equipment they are embedded in. A SAM secures the transactions and authentication of portable objects.
These keys are created during the key creation ceremony and are stored in a Master SAM, the SAM-SP, used for securely producing the other SAM of the system.

The independence of the supplier of the security architecture from manufacturers of portable objects and equipments, as well as the existence of the master SAM guarantee the autonomy of the companies in charge of the ticketing system.
2. Solutions

Spirtech Consulting designs the security architectures and organizes key creation ceremonies

Thumbnail imageSpirtech designs security architectures adapted to your specific requirements.

Spirtech prepares and organizes the key creation ceremony with transport authorities, transport operators and applications owners.

The key creation ceremony goals are:

  • Creating the keys of the system.
  • Ensuring the confidentiality of the keys created during the ceremony.
  • Create the SAM-SP, the master secure modules, which contain all the keys of the system, and which will be used to manufacture the other SAMs.


Following closely the Calypso standard recommendations, Spirtech helps the authorities and operators to define the keys of the system, their method of usage and storage in the SAM, and the precise configuration of each SAM.

Spirtech leads the ceremony and explains to every one involved its role and the actions to perform. At the end, Spirtech issues the formal ceremony report describing all operations and incidents which have occurred.

Our ceremony process ensures the independence of the  transport authorities. Spirtech is currently  the only company supplying all the elements guaranteeing this independence, and allowing the authority to freely choose its SAM supplier later on.

3. Experience
Spirtech Consulting and Calypso networks

Spirtech has organized most Calypso key creation ceremonies in the world, such as:
  • Numerous regions and networks in France: Ile de France, Alsace, Bretagne, Champagne-Ardenne, Bourgogne, Limousin, Midi-Pyrénées, Tarn, Dijon, Reims, Strasbourg, etc.
  • Numerous networks in Portugal and Italy: Porto, Madeira, Emilia-Romagna, Lombardy, Piemont, Venice, etc.
  • The national Calypso systems in Belgium and Israel.
  • Many other networks around the world: Alger, Caracas, Mexico, Montreal, Rabat, Riga, etc.


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