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An independant consulting company

Spirtech Consulting is an engineering company independent from manufacturers. This independence ensures the reliability of our consulting services in order to ensure the use of the best solutions and help you implement your projects using contactless portable objects.

Spirtech Consulting offers counselling and expertise services for projects using smartcards: embedded systems, networks (transit networks, city services, banking, etc.), security architectures, risk assessment, etc. These services include training sessions, project management support, requirement and specification design, test and qualifications.

A unique technical expertise

Spirtech Consulting gathers experienced engineers and advisors expert in teleticketing systems, notably the Calypso standard.  Calypso is the international teleticketing standard designed by transit authorities as well as operators and promoted by industrialists. This standard is particularly used in interoperable and multimodal teleticketing systems.

The new technologies and services offered to riders have increased the complexity of teleticketing systems. This evolution raises new challenges requiring an understanding of the security issues and an excellent expertise of smartcard based systems in order to ensure performance and resilience. Spirtech Consulting helps you from the definition of the  data models for your contactless portable objects to the tests and qualifications, including also the key creation ceremonies, design of the  security architectures, specification of the system and technical support throughout your projects.

Our twenty-five year experience provides us with an overall understanding of these complex systems and the technical expertise required for effective assistance. Spirtech Consulting offers a unique expertise to help you succeed in these projects.



For your smart cards and teleticketing projects

  • Spirtech Consulting offers a unique technical expertise and project management skills for your projects involving multiple actors.
  • Spirtech Consulting provides an innovative service of consulting assistance for teleticketing project managers. Our experts identify current and future needs in terms of security, accessibility as well as portable objects optimization.
  • Spirtech Conseil helps you throughout these projects by implementing collaborative web platforms, by offering real flexibility and reactivity as well as looking for effective solutions to specific issues.


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