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1. Why?
sc_amo_besoinsTeleticketing projects are becoming increasingly complex. They gather more actors in ever larger interoperability areas, proposing more and more services to meet the travellers expectations. An expert support to the transit authorities and transport operators in the management of their interoperable, multimodal and multi-applicative teleticketing system is therefore important.

This consulting assistance must combine:
  • Project management skills to manage the project partnership between numerous actors (authorities, operators, suppliers) and design the processes (deployment, incidents, after sales services, etc.) managing the ticketing equipments, cards and other portable objects. 
  • A technical expertise allowing to understand the technical and security issues required to maintain the system resilience and the challenges of intergation of new technologies (Java Cards, NFC Mobiles, etc.).

Finally, the management of the relationship with the suppliers and the establishment of a constructive dialogue requires the independence of the consulting assistant in relation with the suppliers.
2. Solutions
Spirtech Consulting helps transport authorities in managing their teleticketing project

Thumbnail imageOur experts possess the techinal expertise required to understand all the issues related to the implementation of a teleticketing system, related to the portable objects, the security, or the specifications ensuring the interoperability of the project. This knowledge results from an experience of twenty years in the teleticketing and smartcards fields.

An excellent technical understanding is essential, but must be complemented with adapted project management methodologies. Spirtech Consulting facilitates the daily management of the project by controling the okanning and deadlines, managing the suppliers, and arbitrating between different suppliers when technical issues arise.  Spirtech Consulting may thus analyse and ease mastering a teleticketing project including central systems and terminals, that must guarantee a service continuity.

Spirtech Consulting priority is to coordinate the internal exchanges between the different actors involved in the project and help them reaching agreements preserving the partnership. Fors interoperable and multimodal systems, we help the different actors to address their specificities.

Importantly, Spirtech Consulting is independent from both suppliers and transit operators. This independence ensures the objectivity of our services and advice regarding the specifications and proposals of the suppliers. Spirtech helps transit authorities to master their teleticketing projects and the related costs.
3. Experience
logoLMCUSpirtech Consulting assists LMCU

Spirtech Consulting is the technical and security expert of Lille Metropole Communaute Urbaine (LMCU) to implement its new interoperable (regional and cross-border thanks to Triangle 2), multimodal and multiapplicative teleticketing system (Transpole Network). Spirtech assists LMCU in this project, offering project coordination support and a technical assistance.


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