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Tests & Qualifications

1. Why?
sc_test_validation_besoinsTests and qualifications are two critical steps before deploying a new teleticketing system, a new contactless portable object or a new equipment. Through the validation process, the transport authorities and operators can assess the specification conformity of the products and services supplied by the manufacturers. Manufacturers can profit from the tests and qualifications to adjust their products by removing possible remaining defects.

The goal is to ensure an optimal use of the system and the portable objects, from the passenger point of view as well as the system administrator. The success of the tests and qualifications allows reducing maintenance costs and improving customers experience.

A company, independent from manufacturers and operators, with a thorough knowledge of teleticketing systems, can help the project actors through the tests and qualifications execution.
2. Solutions
Spirtech Consulting helps public transport actors to validate their teleticketing systems

Thumbnail imageSpirtech Consulting proposes its renowned test and validation services. This know-how complements our consultancy services to ensure an optimal operation of the teleticketing systems.

Spirtech Consulting may manage the test and qualification platforms or act as a test operator. Its experts help transport authorities, operators and industrialists from the tests of prototypes to the operational qualification. They design the test and validation specifications to validate the functionality of the equipments and portable objects supplied by manufacturers. Spirtech also works closely with the transport authorities to manage the project and to train their teams.

Spirtech Consulting developed testing and qualification tools to check the product conformity to the standards (notably ISO 14443 for contactless cards). These tools are used by our teams to assist manufacturers when designing systems and portable objects compliant with Calypso.

The Calypso Testing Suite and IVS 14443 are such tools used by our teams to carry out in depth analysis of the portable objects whenever necessary.
3. Experience
Spirtech Consulting assists STIB/MIVB

logoSTIBSpirtech helps the transit network operator STIB/MIVB in Brussels in its deployment of its contactless ticketing system. Spirtech Consulting carries out the tests and qualifications of the STIB/MIVB equipments. This mission includes the analysis the specifications and requirements, identification of the tests cases, writing the test plans and piloting the project and following the results and recommendations with the suppliers.


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