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1. Why?
Smartcards and other smart objects have many possible applications. Reliable, fast and highly secured, they offer for example the best platform for applications in access control, payment and identification. Improving the user experience requires a parallel development of the portable object and its environment.

The development of products (reader, park meter, electronic lock, antenna, etc.) adapted to contactless portable objects requires to master the specific constraints of smartcards, contactless technology and secured electronic transactions.
2. Solutions
Offer contactless capabilities to your project!si_dev_elec_solutions_us

Spirtech Engineering
helps you to adapt your products and can take charge of all or part of new projects using the contactless technology and products. Spirtech Engineering experts can assist you in the adaptation of your products to the specific constraints of smartcards, contactless technologies and secure transactions.

Our engineers have a renowned expertise in smartcard, cryptography and embedded systems. These skills are critical during the design and development of reliable, high-performance and secure products.
3. Experience
Spirtech Engineering has designed products interfacing optimally with Calypso contactless cards and portable objects. Among these products, the LIC smartcard reader has for example been implemented by RATP in France to identify the drivers of railway trains.

Spirtech Engineering has also developed a physical access control system using Calypso smartcards to open autonomous locks. This system is used for example in many places in the Paris area to secure accesses to offices using the Navigo contactless cards of its users.

For physical access control applications 
Contactless reader for ISO 14443 contactless cards used in physical access control and time management

The design of the SAS contactless lock system uses innovative principles allowing a battery operation to use Calypso cards.

For car park payment


Personal park meter using smartcards (PIAF).


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