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Spirtech Engineering, expert in smartcard, teleticketing and cryptography

si_pres_ingenierieThe experts of Spirtech Engineering are experienced engineers specialized in designing software and hardware dedicated to smartcard, teleticketing and cryptographic projects. They have initiated many innovations in the smart card field and have notably designed and developped the Calypso Secure Module SAM-S1. With more than 25 years of experience in smartcard applications, the experts of Spirtech may assist you before your development (counselling and requirements design), during your development (technical support, embedded software development, etc.) and after your development (validation and testing).


Spirtech Engineering masters the physical principles, implementation process and test design to cover all the engineering skills required to develop a software or hardware for the smartcard industry. Its engineers implement these principles into software and hardware components. They control their uses by a in-depth analysis of their performance in extreme conditions (active or passive attacks, interruption of transactions, unstable power supply).


Internationally implemented products and solutions

Designed and developed by Spirtech Engineering, the secure modules SAM-S1 and HSM Calypso are used in ticketing systems throughout the world to secure Calypso ticketing systems. These modules use Spirtech software to secure electronic transactions. They combine a high level of security and proven performances. The embedded smartcard software applications (masks) designed by Spirtech experts are used in multiple applications worldwide (CD21, CDS3, CD Light, CD97BX, CD97, etc.).


Spirtech Engineering contributes to the technical expertise of the counselling missions of Spirtech Consulting, for example by designing validation test suites. The Calypso Testing Suite is one of these solutions.


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