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1. Why?
si_dev_log_besoinsThe design and development of software applications specifically adapted to your microcontroller portable objects and solutions, combining security and performance, requires specific skills and know-how.

Mastering all the issues of smartcard software (mask) indeed requires highly specific skills in cryptography, optimization and reliability.

Subcontracting, or being assisted in its own developments, by an independent specialized engineering team is a good solution to ensure a high level of security and performance, optimizing costs and required resources.
2. Solutions
Software Applications for Secure and Fast Transactions

Spirtech Engineering helps industrialists, system integrators or semiconductor companies, in the design and development of their software for microprocessor portable objects, and notably for smartcard. Our engineers, with a renowned expertise in the contactless smartcard and cryptography fields, can adapt their technical libraries and applications to better suit the hardware platform that you have selected, in order to combine speed and security.

Mastering the various constraints associated with smartcard software development, the engineers of Spirtech Engineering propose developments:
  • Optimizing resources (memory, computing power, I/O).
  • Highly reliable, even in case of random power loss.
  • Highly resistant to external attacks (SPA, DPA, EMP, etc.).
  • Fast, particularly for contactless applications.
  • Using appropriate cryptographic algorithms.

Spirtech Engineering, thanks to its know-how in embedded systems and applied cryptography, can help its customers to design cryptographic algorithms to embed in their products.

Spirtech Engineering has for example designed standard cryptographic libraries adaptable to new microcontrollers, taking into account their specific characteristics in order to optimize their performances.  
3. Experience
Spirtech Engineering Acts as a Subcontractor to Embedders and Chip Manufacturers

Its engineers have notably developed software applications for:  

  • Numerous Calypso smartcards used in transit networks worldwide.  
  • Java Card applications (Calypso, secured log, GlobalPlatform librairies, etc.).
  • Contact smartcards (Moneia: Italian EMV card, Minipay TSP electronic purse, etc.).
  • The contactless ticketing application of the PCOS Portuguese electronic purse.
  • The Calypso secure modules SAM-S1.
  • The Calypso secure modules for central systems HSM-S3 and SAM-S20.

Spirtech Engineering has also designed RSA and DES libraries optimized for point of sale terminals.


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