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Spirtech assists operators and authorities in the realization of their teleticketing, electronic purse or cryptographic projects.


Project Assistance for Transit Authorities

Lille Métropole Communauté Urbaine

Spirtech is the techlogoLMCUnical and security expert for Lille Metropole Communaute Urbaine (LMCU) and follows the implementation of its new interoperable, multimodal and multiapplicative teleticketing system. LMCU ticketing system is compliant with the Calypso standard. LMCU wishes to take profit from the full potential of its contactless ticketing cards in its specific context of regional and cross-border interoperability, as well as for city card services. Spirtech assists LMCU in this project by carrying out risk and security assessment, offering technical expertise on contactless technology and on the Calypso standard, on security issues and by assistance in technical work groups.



logoSTIBSpirtech helps the change of the Brussels Transit Network (MIVB/STIB) to contactless ticketing. MIVB/STIB wishes to use the capabilities of the Calypso standard to diversify its vending network (Internet, phone, automatic vending machines, mobile phones, etc.) in a national interoperability context. Partnerships have been formed with other city services such as car parks, museums, etc. The MIVB/STIB's network is connected with three other transport operators (TEC, De Lijn and SNCB) and includes metros, tramways and buses.
This cooperation between Spirtech and MIVB/STIB begun in 2004 by the definition of the ticketing security architecture and the data model and then continued with the technical follow up of the suppliers. Progressively Spirtech actions also included the technical coordination of the project, including the direct management of the validation and tests definition and implementation.

 We appreciate the professional attitude of this company and its perfect knowledge of the Calypso technology that have helped us to make the correct choices. 
  Etienne GRAINDOR


Technical Assistance

Calypso Networks Association

logoCalypsoSpirtech is the main technical resource of the Calypso Networks Association (CNA) which gathers the Calypso standard users. Its experts assist CNA in designing and managing the evolutions of the technical specifications. Spirtech also promotes this standard within international standard bodies and manages the technical support for Calypso licensees and users. Spirtech assists transport operators and authorities in implementing this standard (fare integration, data model, security architecture, interoperability).

Ministère de l’Equipement et des Transports - French Department of Road Transports

logoministereThe European Chronotachograph project is managed by the European Commission. The Chronotachograph is an electronic device compulsory since 2004 for any truck in Europe and allows controlling the regulations abidance (speed limits, driving periods and durations). The transcription of this law in national legislations involved a global consultation between numerous actors and notably technical industrialists (cryptography, embedded systems, smart carts, etc.). From August 2001, Spirtech has helped the French Ministry of Equipment to manage the technical aspects of the European Tachograph project, aiming at a better control of the trucks present on the roads of Europe.

  Spirtech is a highly skilled partner in all questions of security in the computing and IT fields, as well as matters related to smartcard. 
(Project Officer, Department of the Road Transports)

Tests & Qualifications

Réseau Autonome des Transports Parisiens

logoRATPFor the Paris main transport operator, RATP, Spirtech designed and carried out the tests of a centralized access control system (Cerbere) from the design phase to the implementation and final validation. Spirtech wrote the specifications, tested the system, reported on potential improvements and followed the implementation of these improvements in the industrial process.




  RATP considers SPIRTECH as an efficient partner that has brought  its technical expertise to help us to build a secured and successful teleticketing system. 
  Philippe VAPPEREAU
(Head of Unit, RATP Innovation)

Société de Transport Intercommunaux de Bruxelles

thumb-STIBmobibMIVB/STIB renewed its trust to Spirtech and asked its experts to run the test platform of its teleticketing system. The management of a test platform supposed to provide it, to educate the test teams and to carry out the tests. Spirtech also wrote the test and data validation report, to report possible improvement and errors and to collaborate with the industrialists of the project to correct possible anomalies.




Accor SA

logoAccorProvider of access control solutions, Accor SA contracted Spirtech to develop a solution compliant with Calypso and the ISO/IEC 14443 communication standard. The engineers of Spirtech supplied a contactless autonomous lock and a complete system for physical access control.


Smard Card & IC Manufacturers

Spirtech experts designed the smart card applications of several Calypso teleticketing smart cards used by public transport networks and sold by Calypso licensees (CDS3, CD97BX, CD Light), STMicroelectronics (CD21 2K-8K), ASK (GTML). Its experts work with card and IC manufacturers to implement Calypso on new kind of supports such as Java card. These missions suppose a cooperation to ensure the security and the efficiency of the cards.


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