The smart card and teleticketing experts


For over ten years, Spirtech has been renowned in the field of electronic transactions security. Its experts have built a trusting relationship with major actors of these technologies by providing secured and efficient solutions, independently from any third party.


The smart card and electronic ticketing experts


Spirtech is an independent contractor founded in July 2000, as a spin-off of Roland Moreno Technology (the R&D company of Innovatron, the original inventor of the smart card).  


Spirtech has a strong expertise in contact and contactless smart card applications. Involved in the design of the contactless smart card technology since 1980 (ISO 14443 and Calypso technologies). Spirtech engineers therefore have an unmatched expertise to assist their customers in integrating these technologies in their products and systems.


Specialized in contactless technologies and notably in its usage for teleticketing systems, Spirtech is involved in the normalization process for several international standards such as ISO/IEC 14443 or the Calypso standard. 


Spirtech had a 2 million euros turnover in 2010 and employs 17 engineers, with a variety of expertise and skills.


From consulting to product 


sp_identite2-CSpirtech cooperates with users of smartcards and other smart portable objects, as well as with manufacturers. To support its customers from the early stages of their project, Spirtech offers consultng and project management, including requirements and specifications design.

Spirtech Consulting assists the transport authorities and operators in their ticketing projects. Its experts participate to the overall project follow up and offer a technical expertise as well as the design and implementation of validation tests for the portable objects, terminals and system.

 Thanks to a combination of hardware and software skills, Spirtech Engineering provides the technical assistance required for the design of embedded systems, and can also manage whole projects, from design up to the manufacturing implementation of new products. Beyond their technical skills, resulting from more than 25 years of experience in smartcard applications, the main concern of Spirtech experts is to provide you with the simplest and most efficient solution to your needs.


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