The smart card and teleticketing experts
  • Spirtech is an independent engineering company, expert in the fields of smart cards, cryptography and contactless technology (ISO 14443).
  • Contactless smartcards and other smart objects combine security and ease of use. They have become ubiquitous all over the world in public transportation (Calypso ticketing), identification, access control and payment. They progressively get integrated into all daily activities.
  • Spirtech helps you to integrate these technologies in your projects and developments. With over twenty-five years of experience in smart card applications, Spirtech experts assist you throughout your projects from the preliminary studies (counselling and requirement definition) to the implementation (test and validation tools) as well as during the developments (technical support, embedded software design, etc.).
  • Spirtech has designed and markets the Calypso SAM (SAM-S1), the Calypso HSM (PCI-S3 and SAM-S20) which secures remote transactions, the SAM Supervisor which manages remote SAMs, and the Calypso Java Applet SCA.


29 rue du Louvre
75002 Paris - FRANCE
Phone: +33 1 40 46 36 20
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