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1. Why?

s_pres_carteThe contactless technology is used for an increasing number of applications: transport, payment, tourism, university, identification, city services, etc. Smartcard manufacturers play a key role in this evolution by offering contactless products combining security and performances.

Moreover, the development of Java Cards raises new challenges to the smart card world: offering interoperable, contactless and multi-applicative platforms.

2. Solutions
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s_carte_encarteur_besoinsYou wish to enhance your product range with contactless smartcards. You are looking for expertise in security or smartcard software, particularly in the field of cryptographic functions integration and contactless technology?


Spirtech offers the best expertise in these fields. Independent and expert in smartcard and smart object, our engineers participate to your developments and help you with the greatest confidentiality. 

s_carte_fondeur_besoins-BYou wish to implement a contactless interface into your components. Our knowledge of the ISO 14443 standard and its hardware implementation will shorten your time-to-market for new products and services.


Spirtech can design for you optimized smartcard software for your  products which combine performances and security.



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