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1. Why?

s_pres_terminaliste Interoperability, security and innovation are now required by all major terminals customers.

The demand for contactless technology is increasing. For instance, rugged PDA must embed a contactless interface meeting the requirements of international standards, payment terminals must be compatible with debit and credit contactless cards as well as NFC, etc.

The success of many contactless pilots systems demonstrates the strong interest in these technologies.

2. Solutions

s_terminaliste_solutionsTaking into account the technical and security specificities of these technologies is necessary to address the challenges of their implementation.  For instance, in Paris (France), terminals have to comply with the RCTIF specifications when marketed to public transit networks. The security of the contactless transactions is subject to specific requirements: reinforced cryptography, communication field controls, etc.

Spirtech can help you to develop your ISO 14443 contactless smartcard readers, and to analyze the requirements for integrating this technology into your existing hardware and software platforms.

Optimizing your internal resources and deadlines, our assistance covers consulting, training, know-how transfer, software or hardware design, or delivery of OEM readers ready for integration in your terminals.


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